Trigger Points

I don’t like getting old.1338825450532_2288626

To make it worse your body does not like stress.

And grief is a big stress.

I have a running injury and it is bringing me down. With researching my injury I have dabbled a bit in reading about kinesiology and trigger points.



Trigger Point: a sensitive area of the body; stimulation or irritation of which causes a specific effect in another part.

Thankfully I have many people in my life that are helping my body recover from my injury.

We all have stress in our lives. I used to thrive on it.

But since Nolan passed I just can’t handle stress like I used to. I no longer work the extra hours that I used to.  I rarely work on a scheduled day off now. I say no to things and don’t feel guilty.

And I listen to my body. I wear my stress in my shoulders, back and hips. Stretching, yoga and massages help me.  If I don’t do these things my body suffers. A massage can help me release a trigger point – it might be painful to have the area touched – but the pain at that site ultimately releases pain in other areas.

I think my grief has “trigger points” too.

If I do not allow time to think about my loss, if I do not spend some time in my “house of grief” (see blog April 10)  then the stress builds up into a trigger point. And it gets to be a big nasty one.

feel it

As I approach his “Angelversary” next month I am taking some preparatory deep breaths.

As far as I have come, I can be strong and get through this.

2 thoughts on “Trigger Points

  1. Well said Lisa! Stress is a huge part of your health and you have done a great job managing it with your exercise. Prayers for healing your body – it takes time and is very frustrating for a person that needs to be active. Keep up with your yoga and hopefully that will pull you through till you can run again!
    God’s Blessings to you!


  2. Yes I agree with you !! I have to retreat back to home front more and be a little reclusive to stay strong in grief, as my husband said this morning to me ” we go through it everyday. ” At home we can crowd out all the noise in the world !!


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