It is September again

I have done at least 3 drafts of a post in this last week. I just can’t find the right thoughts to put down.

Sometimes you just have to walk away from it and do something else.

My something else was spin class at the Y.

I love spin. I can push myself as hard as I want and I love the loud music. I come out of class dripping in sweat. I wear a heart rate monitor so I can see the intensity of my workout.

So while spinning today I thought about my blog. I thought about how strong I feel doing this class.

At the start of class you set up your bike- you know your seat height and positioning- you adjust your settings and you get your legs moving. I thought about how spin class is like my life – I don’t have to do spin but I love a challenge and if I’m going to live I want to push myself, build my strength and listen to loud music 🙂

Class starts – warm up please.

No problem – been here and done this before – Strong legs, strong mind, water bottle right in front of me – I got this. First song in and I feel good. But I forgot this is an instructor that goes out of the gate fast and hard. What ? Already my heart rate is in a high zone?

Ok – I can still do this. How long is this next song?!? Damn! My legs are burning. Our instructor keeps telling us to keep spinning – 90-100 RPM, yellow and red zone intervals. Sit, stand, hover, repeat. My heart rate is in the red zone. Top level

Final intense song – OMG, a hard, slow steady climb up a large steep hill.

This is when I want to give up. This is going to be so hard! Can’t I get off the bike? Fast forward somehow? I think I am going to die! I don’t know if I can do this…..

So what does this spin class have to do with my blog?

I have the months of spring and summer to live in a basically low level of grief. Our pandemic made it different, but I don’t have any bad memories or anniversaries to remember. I will never be the same person I was before Nolan’s suicide, but I don’t have the weight of grief on me as much in these months. (So I set up and warm up – life is ok )

Lately work is getting busy- many well checks scheduled making up for the time we slowed down with the lock down. I continue internet searching on COVID-19 infection info in children, research on suicide risk and child and adolescent population, do medical consulting for the diocese schools in our area, zoom meeting all summer in my “spare time”, help Sam prep for college, anticipate for him to move out and then suddenly have it all change and all online and he is home now, the hardship of two more loved ones passing … (my legs are burning)

But I keep going and before I know it, I notice — the weather is changing and I can tell with the cooler nights, the smell in the air- summer is ending and September is here.

It is my hard month. The month I have Nolan’s Angelversary. It is my large steep hill.

This is going to be so hard! I don’t know if I can do this.

Yet I do. This will be the fourth anniversary of my life changing forever. It doesn’t get easier. The waves of grief are less often but some can be horribly intense. Our world is not getting any better. I try not to focus on that. I hug my family and friends, tell them I love them often, and keep taking care of my patients.

AND…. I kick ass at my spin class.

5 thoughts on “It is September again

  1. Good for you Lisa! You are a very strong person and can overcome life’s challenges. You inspire so many people with your thoughts and heartfelt comments. Blessings and hugs to you ❤

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  2. Finding solace in spinning – LOVE IT!

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through and just know I’m sending you Air Hugs!

    Mary Jo Spearson
    Director of Operations
    Franciscan Physician Network – Crown Point
    1201 S. Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307
    P: 219-757-6492 | C: 219-794-4414

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  3. As a fellow sister mom who has lost her child to suicide I completely resonate with your spin through life. Sending you love and prayers as you navigate the hills and valleys of your grief journey through life. I would love you to join my sister mom page on Facebook. There are too many of us. 😢


  4. I Don exactly fit in this group, but as a retired psych nurse, I have a deep caring for people going through this tragic event. Sorry I can not seem to correct my typos.

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