The grieving mother

bereaved mom day.jpgIt is not any more important of a day. It is not any harder. But it is a day for the bereaved mom to be remembered.

International Bereaved Mother’s Day was started by Carly Marie Dudly in Australia in 2010. It is one week before traditional Mother’s Day and is a day for any parent who has lost a child.  In particular it honors mothers who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or any pregnancy or infant loss.

I became aware of this day through my support friends of FB.

I have comfort knowing I am not alone. No mother who has lost a child is alone.

Unfortunately there are many of us. We are together in our loss.

Some of us lost the dream of having a child, of watching a baby become a child, or a child become an adult.

Losing an adult child is not any easier or harder.

You see – they all are losses… a piece of you is gone.


We all think about our missing child. Or children. We are never the same.

We may not cry daily but we miss our child every day. 

On this day I will remember these women. And I will give myself some grace.

I honor the strength it takes to continue on. 



One thought on “The grieving mother

  1. Such an impressive narrative, dear friend. Helps me also in understanding my own pain of losing my son. Sending you loving hugs. ♥️


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