We love you Busia


If you are fortunate you will have specific people make a big impact in your life.


I first met her when seeing both of her great grandchildren at my office many years ago. She was always with a smile, which is not surprising since her granddaughter Kristi always wears one.  Yes I would see Kalli and Kaya and do my doctor work, but during a visit where Busia came it was natural to strike up a conversation and after a few visits I got to know her.

She came to live with Kristi soon after Kristi’s mother passed away unexpectedly, more than 14 years ago.  She was a stubborn woman. (I did say she is a Busia, right?) But Kristi convinced her to stay with them to help her raise her active kids. And it did not take long for her to be my Busia. For those of you that don’t know, Busia is grandma in Polish. And this Busia was a classic – a Polish grandma to the tea. We would talk a bit about Polish traditions. And true as a Busia would do – she brought me food. Yummy pierogi. She didn’t make them but she knew where to get the best.

Then years go by- rather fast I note since I am getting older.

Busia was getting older.

She celebrated her 90th birthday, although it was more of a celebration of being 39 again. She had the spunk and energy of a much younger woman. When Nolan passed she was there to pay her respects, and she even came to celebrate his one year Angelversary.

That was when she told me she missed her daughter, Shiela, her best friend, so so much. She was looking forward to the day she would join her.


I was a member of TEAM BUSIA when she had back surgery in 2018. Once again she showed her strength and great spirit. She also dealt with breast cancer. But she had a choice- and Busia knew her time here was coming to an end. She was ready. She knew she could not name her time.

I did not see Busia this past year  but I connected with Kristi enough to know that she was declining. Kristi shared that hospice was coming to the house to care for her this last week. Busia had shingles (again) and her body was tired. It could have been another week but ultimately she was called Home just a few days ago. The Divine allowed me to say goodbye to her. I told her how much I loved her and that I was so blessed that I knew her and her family. I told her to give my Nolan a hug.

I thought I knew a lot about Busia. Kristi and her whole family gathered around Busia and shared with me more detail about her.

Busia did not have an easy life. Her mother died when she was only five. She had many siblings and the were all placed in multiple orphanages for a year when she was eight. A loving neighbor reunited Busia and her siblings and raised them. She was married for a good number of years but did not have the best husband. She had her daughter, her best friend, die suddenly. She was 96 years old, she had cancer, and had pain.

When you think about all the difficulty Busia had in her life, you may think “How did she go on? How was she able to be happy and still smile?” I can’t speak for Busia, and I certainly would not say my life has been as hard as hers.

But I think she would agree with this

You can take your hurt, sorrow, pain and grief and focus on your loss and misfortune and be bitter


You can wake up every morning and be thankful for your life and share your love and care for others. 

Another word – you have HOPE

Busia was a great woman. She was Busia to many. If you are lucky you will have people in your life that forever touch your heart.


Goodbye Busia. Yes you were home with your loving family for many years93616360_3660256707382598_5492902978446688256_n and now you are at home with your eternal family in Paradise.

I am so thankful for you Busia.50211305._SX0_SY0_

p.s. don’t think the story ends here… remember, good people raise very good daughters, sons, grandchildren 🙂

I am talking about you Kristi!!


3 thoughts on “We love you Busia

  1. What an absolutely heart warming story. I have become very close to my girlfriends mother, who is 102. We just had to put her into assisted living this week and it was very hard for my friend and also for me. Like your Busia I am honored to have my sweet Mildred in my life. God bless you and God bless Nolan.

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  2. What a beautiful way to express your love for this wonderful woman. She will be so greatly missed here, but it sounds like she had some special people she was truly looking forward to reuniting with as well. ❤️

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