No superhero can save us

We love superhero movies.


The world has a villian, a bad guy running around, and we call out to our only hope- Avengers- Superman- Batman- you fill in the blank.

In our real life, our real day crisis, we have no superhero

We must save ourselves.

Some of us run toward the bad guy. You know those people. 91298979_10213067458480476_116988054375235584_o

Some of us work knowing the risk of being out in public.




But the best way to save humanity -to save your family, church family, friend, neighbor, a stranger- is to stay inside. This group of people is the biggest force in our fight. This group will save the most people. 

You may feel like your staying home is a lack of action. You are bored. Your kids are driving you crazy. You have a new appreciation for your kid’s teachers. But remember your favorite superhero.  YOU can be that superhero.



Sadly we are going to see disturbing images. Mass casualties.
APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Italy

You will know people who are sick and do recover. Maybe you will know someone who loses the battle. Maybe a loved one.

But when you feel anxious- yes I know you have those moments… 

I have. I have woke with panic in my heart. Eyes wet with crying thinking about the whys, the unknown, the fear of losing my husband, my son, sisters, friends —- 

When you think about a person dying from COVID19, you worry that they are dying alone. But they are not alone. They have God with them at those last moments. God and all their loved ones waiting for them to join in everlasting love and peace.


This COVID19 crisis is not God punishing us. We are of earth and this is what happens. Meteors hit our planet. Volcanoes erupt. Earthquakes crush communities. Cancer strikes the best people we know.

Viruses cause illness.

Be the superhero. Help each other.

We will survive.wp-15857466554648746582187666495792.jpg

In love and peace….

– a grieving doctor mom

2 thoughts on “No superhero can save us

  1. Thank you thank you … I know of your grief for your son … I just lost my beloved step son last week very suddenly … it hurts

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