I see you Nolan!

Let’s talk more about signs from your loved one that has passed.

Death only implies the expiration of the physical body. Our spirit exists eternally and is everlasting. Normally when a loved one dies they wish to send signs to let us know that they are still around us and are looking over us. They want us to know they are happy and safe and free from what caused them pain or suffering during their life on earth. A spirit is energy – and energy can interact in our world in various ways. We have our 5 senses and yes, a sixth sense.  Our loved one connects and sends us signs using all of our senses.

I have to explain how my signs come to me from Nolan, from my parents, and recently from my Aunt Marge. I certainly have asked my loved ones that have passed to give me a sign.

Most recently I asked for a sign on the anniversary of Nolan’s death.

Did I get any? Nope.

Did that discourage me? Or make me not believe I get signs? Absolutely not.

eyes-eye-conditions-s1This blog will give you insight into my experiences with signs using sight or vision.

This is the most common sense we use to accept a spirit’s communication to us.

-DREAMS The one way we can experience a visual sign is with a dream. Some people have dreams often where a loved one visits, and with some of us it happens very rarely. I have had only a few dreams. The few I had with Nolan are not visits, but dreams where he is still here and we are doing something mundane. I had a dream after my Aunt Marge passed. She was much younger in my dream, and so beautiful with her red hair. She hugged me. I felt her love with that hug. She asked what was wrong with me – I guess I looked sad or upset. That is all I remember but I can recall how happy and radiant she was.

-SEEING AN OBJECT Common ones are birds, dimes and pennies, a street sign, a feather, repetitive numbers, something you see on the news… anything visual can be a sign.

A key signature of spirit, however, is that the visual item will stand out in a very unique way.

My visual signs come when I am not thinking of Nolan – they show up and say – “Hello – I am here Mom!”


Dime: I found this dime on my driveway I think a year after Nolan passed. I was doing 20180607_103120602691608231470008.jpgyard work and happened to look down. Sam wasn’t driving yet and so no cars were parked on our driveway at the time. I picked it up and immediately I thought “check the year”- it was 1997- Nolan’s birth year.





Birds: I did not get signs from my mom much in her first years gone (but she did give my dad a BIG one the day she died – another blog) but now she visits me with birds.  It makes sense since she loved bird watching and identifying them. Cardinals come to visit sometimes in my backyard. In 2017 I was in my kitchen practicing a speech I was giving that day presenting a scholarship in memory of Nolan. While I was practicing it out loud I saw a male and female cardinal land together and sit on a fence facing me. They watched me a good 5+ minutes before they flew away. I felt the love of my mom and dad during those minutes.

I sometimes see a robin in Nolan’s memorial tree. The first spring he was gone I saw a robin in his tree very often. No other birds, just a robin. I didn’t know it at the time, but after seeing this bird so often in his tree I read its meaning: seeing a robin is a sign from a deceased person trying to tell you not to worry and that they love you. It is also a sign encouraging you to be brave.

Numbers: I don’t get repeated numbers as a sign very often- it has been only recently. Sometimes I wake up and it will be 3:03am or 3:33 am. I am not sure of this sign.  I interpret it to be my knowledge that Nolan is with my parents in heaven and so the three are together in spirit. That is possible, as well as lately I have been thinking about the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But by far the most common visual sign I have is Nolan’s car.

It is a weird sign I know. Nolan loved his car. The night he died the police had Scott drive his car from the site of his suicide back to our house. I couldn’t stand seeing it parked in front of our house. To me it meant Nolan was home – and he certainly was not.  I made Scott sell that car just days after his passing. I just couldn’t look at it.

It was weeks later that I had my first Nolan car sighting. While running outside I had a blue Honda civic, exactly his color, 4 door model and year, drive past me going the other way.

It has happened many many other times. I don’t search the car out. I am not counting other years of the model civic or cars of like color or style to it. It will be driving the other direction usually – and it grabs my eye. Or I park somewhere and when I pull in or return to my car there is the blue Honda civic.

My favorite sighting was recently – It was my day off and I was in a relaxed mood. (this can be helpful in seeing signs- I believe you are open to seeing them when you are not stressed out) I was driving to a friend’s house. Taking a usual road, I wasn’t thinking of anything, just driving. An electronic sign at a church caught my eye, flashing the message I love – “Let Go, Let God” and at that same moment, seconds later, here comes the blue Honda civic driving the other way.

20915087_10214079675531484_6932518699150884280_nI smiled. Hello Nolan !!! I love you!

69916158_2993628913986573_6359923366450692096_oHis message? “I love you too Mom”

3 thoughts on “I see you Nolan!

  1. Thank you for this … very comforting … it is coming up to four years since my husband died … I miss him so much. I know you miss Nolan … how much harder to lose a child.

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  2. I love this post! ❤️ I not only believe in but have had very similar experiences. You are right…you have to be open and relaxed. These are wonderful little gifts from the other side.

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