“I love you Mom”



I have saved my discussion of this subject for a long time. I am writing about it now, the month of Nolan’s anniversary of passing, (Angelversary is what I call it) because it is a subject that some people think is crazy. Or that a person with grief needs to believe or else they cannot cope.

So if you don’t want to believe in signs, don’t read this.  Move on and credit my discussion of this subject to my living a life with grief.

In my profession the practice of medicine and care of patients is based on science, medical knowledge and experience, so I hesitate to discuss my thoughts on this subject as I have no proof of what I believe. But it is what I have experienced. And many many others have experienced signs too. I met a woman last week at the AFSP walk that I knew through Facebook, and within minutes she was sharing with me the signs her daughter sends to her and her husband.

I remember those parents that trust me with their children do not see me as solely a physician. They understand I am a woman of faith, a mother, a wife, a friend — a human being that like them experiences the joys and hardships of life.

If you believe miracles can happen, if you believe that things happen in our lives that are not easy to explain, then you have to consider that our loved ones who have passed give us signs that they are with us. 

I tried to write about signs in just one blog entry, but it was inadequate. Please understand I don’t ask for a sign and suddenly it appears. Many times in my hard days of grief I would plead to Nolan and my relatives to grace me with a sign that day. I would even give instruction to them- “I need to hear your voice” “Please bring me a cardinal Mom” But it doesn’t work that way. They just happen.

Death only implies the expiration of the physical body. Our spirit exists eternally and is everlasting. Normally when a loved one dies they wish to send signs to let us know that they are still around us and are looking over us. They want us to know they are happy and safe and free from what caused them pain or suffering during their life on earth.

A spirit is energy – and energy can interact in our world in various ways. We have our 5 senses and yes, a sixth sense.  Our loved one connects and sends us signs using all of our senses.


To describe the signs I have experienced I will break them down by the five types.r6ohHixMFXn6eSkKxrG3Zh-320-80.jpg



This post will focus on signs experienced by sense of hearing. Subsequent posts will be describing other signs I have experienced by other senses.

HEARING A SIGN:shutterstock_78186766

A sign that uses our hearing comes in two forms: the auditory sound and the mental sound.

Hearing their voice

I have not heard Nolan’s voice but only once – days after his passing I heard his voice say “OK” which I took to mean “I am ok now Mom, I am at rest.” Spirit does not have a voice box so to hear their true voice is very difficult.

Since then I hear his message by “internal clairaudience” or his response to my invitation to talk. That is considered a mental sound – it is not his voice per say, but it is his message that I can hear in my mind. Most of the time it is in the “twilight hour” around 3-4 am. Sometimes I wake and talk to him and I internally hear a response. The most common?


Other times I have a burning feel or sound in my head that I wake to. I understand that is his invite for me to communicate.  Or I have woken and had a distinct command to do something, such as checking Sam. And most of the time I follow that command.

Did you ever have a voice that you suddenly heard in your head telling you to do something? Like “turn now down this road, or “check on your sister”? Could it be a sign/message to you from someone you love?


Sounds/noises and songs

Another instance was when Scott and I were in bed around 1 am I think 4 days after Nolan passed. My sister Mary was up writing the eulogy for Nolan’s funeral. We were almost asleep when a distinct knock- 3 times – was felt under our bed. We have never had that happen before or since. I credit my parents that have passed to giving that sign. I responded by getting out of bed and checking on Mary. She was having writer’s block just then – almost in tears from fatigue and frustration – and relieved that I was there to help her at that exact time in her work. Coincidence? I think not.

Have you ever turned on your car’s radio or changed the station and you hear a song that immediately reminds you of a loved one that passed? It may not always be a sign – but at times – at the RIGHT times- it is.

You may remember a post I did when I was driving to a friend’s house the first months after Nolan passed. My car’s radio suddenly stopped playing music. That got my attention. I made a turn onto the street where my friend lives and RIGHT then a blue Honda Civic, the exact model/year of Nolan’s car (which he absolutely loved) drove past me the opposite direction…..

Which brings me to a common sign Nolan gives to me…  tell you with my next entry.


9 thoughts on ““I love you Mom”

  1. Very meaningful! I too, see signs of my loved ones that have passed and I rejoice in each one of them. You are an inspiration to a lot of people who share your grief. Thank you, for sharing this!

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  2. I love this! Yes we do get those signs and I believe in everything you wrote here, God allows these signs. Thank you for sharing and opening up your heart to the rest of us who are grieving with you.

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  3. I too believe in signs & have received them from loved ones passed. They come so unexpectedly, but are so comforting & meaningful when received. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  4. When my father died at the age of 51, from cancer, I was only 24 and the oldest of 4. I was devastated. I felt like the earth was pulled out from under. I missed him so much. About six months later, I was driving home from visiting my boyfriend (my future hysband) about 70 miles away in my little sportscar. The weather turned bad and I was stuck on the tollroad in a blizzard. I could hardly see the road and was really scared. I was afraid to pull off because I couldn’t tell what was road and what was the grass. And I should mention that this was in the days when some of us had CB radios like the truck drivers. Suddenly a semi driver started passing me and I heard a voice on the cb radio asking “are you ok, little lady?” I told him I was pretty nervous about driving in this blizzard. He asked me where I was going and he pulled in front of me and told me to just focus on his tailights. He was going past my exit around 40 more miles up the road. While we drove he kept talking to me and telling me about his life and family. At some point he told my exit was just ahead. Before I got off the tollroad, I said thank you so much for guiding me home safely in the blizzard at night and asked him what his name was. He told me “Joe”. I got home safely that night and thanked God for watching over me and this driver. By the way, my dad’s name was “Joe”.
    Sorry this was so long, but I firmly believe our loved ones watch over us.❤

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