Welcome Home!!



My aunt Mimi was called Home this week. She was my “cool” aunt. Cool because she was a teenager when I was born. She was the one that made my sisters and me TERRIFIED of spiders, she was always sharing stories, she was just good to be around.

I didn’t see her very often- she lived many states away. Yet when Mimi would come into town it was like she picked up from her last story telling and before you knew it hours had passed.

.facebook_1540301877153.jpgYou know how some people just have a good spirit? That was Mimi.





Mimi had something else too about her-Her faith was apparent in every way in her life.

She was a child of God.

Since both of my parents are passed I am the keeper of their old photos and videos. In these last few days I got down to the basement and checked out the storage boxes.

What a treasure to find old photos of Mimi and other family that have passed. I miss them so much. In some way it helps to see old photos because it brings back my good memories and pushes my love for them up into my focus. But the same photo is difficult to see because it reminds me of how much I missed them.

It is so hard to say goodbye to those we love. If they leave this world quickly, or unexpectedly, or have a slow goodbye…. they are gone.

I believe in the afterlife. I believe in heaven. Will I see Nolan, my parents, Mimi and many many others who have passed. How do I know?

I just do.


“What a comfort to know that to be absent from the body is to be at home with Jesus, our Lord and our Savior.”



Until I see you again Mimi- I Love you 

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