Live, Laugh, Love

Since it is a hard month for me and I need to keep my head above my deep waves of grief – I want to think about my happy memories of Nolan.

The Gold house is a place where sarcasm, joking around and making someone laugh are a daily thing.

dad and Nolan

Scott is the house’s king of comedy. Not the slapstick Jim Carrey type.  He is more cerebral. He did years of stand up and improv classes at Second City. I imagine he uses those skills when he teaches.

When one of us came home after a bad day ultimately someone in the family would crack a joke or quote some lines from a favorite movie.

We forgot our troubles with laughter.

It is no surprise that Nolan made his friends laugh.

nolan face

I’m sure I don’t know half the stuff he did and I probably don’t want to know. His friends tell me Nolan was a jolly and fun loving friend.  He could make anyone laugh.

spicy meatball


I remember this side of Nolan.  I still can hear his laugh. 





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