My wish list

Now that it is summertime I am the only one waking up early in my house. Soon after I awaken I spend a little time doing what I want before I am off to work.  I tend to my flowers, watering them and enjoying the morning sounds with birds singing and the sun just up for a new day. When I water my flowers I pray, I meditate and I daydream.

I remember summers as a child. In honor of my childhood thoughts I created a wish list. Some wishes are playful and some are deep from my heart.

I wish…

  •  I could hear Nolan’s laugh14689237_1408771075801480_2104972263_o
  • I had a time machineThe_Time_Machine
  • I didn’t have to welcome another grieving parent to a support group on FB or in person at Compassionate Friends.  It is sad there are so many of us. download
  • I didn’t cry
  • I didn’t have baggy tired eyes from the daily cryingbags-under-eyes-cartoon-1024x683
  • I didn’t have to sometimes wear a mask to workmasks2
  • Sam could have his brother back IMG_1348 (003)
  • I could be as joyful and happy as I know Nolan and my  loved ones are in heavenjoy-is-the-serious-business-of-heaven-quote-1
    I will keep tending to my flowers.   I continue praying, meditating and dreaming….. 

2 thoughts on “My wish list

  1. Hugs and Prayers for you Lisa ❤️ Life shouldn’t have unhappy moments. Cherish the memories and know that Nolan is at peace.


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