Divine Love

a_little_deer_vintage_valentine_postcard-r60e4e431a10c412a9e659f4aea12810b_b8ubx_307For me Valentine’s Day is not a day for lovers – it is the day I celebrate my love with others.


Before I had kids I regarded the day as one of romance and all the Hallmark stuff. When Nolan and Sam were old enough I would have them make Valentine cards or projects to give to their grandparents and godmothers. I like giving out stickers and candy to my patients at the office. In their younger ages my boys got cute cards with candy wishing them a fun day from mommy and daddy.

In the teenage years the cards get a little serious and I share with them how much I love them and wish them joy and happiness.

It made me smile when we went through Nolan’s belongings and we found he kept a few of those Valentine’s Day cards.

During this hard month of February this is one day I focus on love and I feel happy.  The Beatles say it perfectly- “all you need is love.”

And you have it. Always . All the time.

I focus on the divine love that we all have. It unites us. 51635729_10218579971956082_6610603431943995392_n

So Happy Valentine’s Day from me.

I love you. valentines-day-quotes-paulo-coelho-1547219200

3 thoughts on “Divine Love

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