A holiday from grief

Vacation time.

Or as the British say – going on holiday.

When you have grief brain you cherish the days when you don’t cry. You still grieve your loss but it is not fresh on the top of your thoughts.

Grief is like an app that is always running. It drains your battery.

Recently Scott, Sam and I went to London for a week. I have been there many times before and for me it is one of the best places to visit. I have good memories there as my parents took my sisters and me to London a few times.20181229_145848.jpg

We did the things they wanted to do. I loved it. I had multiple days in a row where I did not cry.20190101_000341.jpg

20181231_222858.jpgDon’t get me wrong – I don’t cry every day for hours at a time – thankfully those days are very few. But I do cry almost everyday. Maybe it is just when I am in the shower. Or driving home. Or before I go to bed or wake up to start my day. I cry when I read posts from fellow grieving parents. Maybe a few tears, maybe minutes of crying.

I know I have to feel grief,  but it is exhausting.


Taking a holiday from my grief is good for my missing mama soul.




2 thoughts on “A holiday from grief

  1. I am British by birth and lived In London for several years … next time you go to England go out into the countryside … that will really soothe your grieving soul …


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