“I just felt like running”

running-makes-me-happyI love to run.12342537_10208280770962494_5239366436962896921_n


Before you reply ugh – I hate running-– please let me tell you why.

I was NOT a runner until about 5 years ago. Running was the last thing I would think of doing. But my friend Janet was preparing for The Beast- a boot camp run – and she wanted someone to run with her in training. We did a walk run program and before long I could run a mile straight! Then 2 miles, then 3….

I would have SO much energy after my Sunday morning run. I mean so much. The adrenaline from running made me so productive.

We do 5k runs in the area. Trail runs, 10k’s, obstacle runs. Runs in 2 feet of snow, thru mud or deep trails in icy water in March, or in the heat and humidity of a Midwest summer. warrior 2017 1

I say we because most of the time I run with someone or a group. 12983798_10209263154041457_2515486574873558387_oWe train together and talk. We talk a lot. So running is my way of connecting with my friends while taking time for myself and bonus! .. getting the cardio I need.

I love runs where I can cheer other people on. All finishers are celebrated. All kinds of people of all ages run. The fastest, the slowest… if you came and ran you accomplished something.

Before Nolan passed I did a lot of training for long runs. When I ran by myself I would think. I understand I was practicing a form of active meditation. The longer the run the more time you have to think right? I talked to God a lot during these training sessions.

We did the Indy Mini (half marathon) the last two years. One was pre-Nolan passing and the other post. The second one I REALLY talked to God a lot. I was a little slower than the year before but I enjoyed it so much more. I took in the people, the scenery around me and mostly I appreciated how I felt.

Running a long distance is a mind game. Many times your body wants to walk or just quit.

But your mind is the master of your body. And your mind is guided by your spirit. 

I lasted all 13.1 miles. Only walked a short time at mile 11 to take off a layer of clothing. Did not even stop running thru the water stations.

indymini2017 1

This is my photo right before the finish. Look at my smile. I am smiling not only because I see the finish line but at that time I felt something.

I felt Nolan, my parents, my grandparents…. ALL my family and friends that have passed… I felt them pushing my legs and cheering me on. 

I wish I could describe how uplifting it was. I wish I could experience it again.

I don’t do long distance runs anymore – I am listening to my body and it tells me to keep going but not with long runs.

Just this past weekend I did two 5ks. (both rainy cold days – gotta love Midwest spring)  I am a bit slower, but moving with a purpose. Sometimes my mind is so tired from grief but I find if my body moves, maybe with a walk with a friend or a session of yoga.. I am rejuvenated.

I hope to keep running.

3 thoughts on ““I just felt like running”

  1. Dr Gold, I have a blog and feel like a complete novice but with God’s help, I’m more accomplished than I ever thought !! I’m challenged with technology. Like Dr Mc Cormack told me ” our generation didn’t grow up ” with all the computerized system that they use now..i find that so true 🙂 please feel free to look at mine. I’m wondering which ” theme ” you use ? Thanks so much, I’ve enjoyed your blog too


    1. Hello Sheila! I found your blog!! sorry it took me a while – following now. I am not very tech savvy either. I wish I could tell you my theme – no idea! I just played around. I went on my site and theme not labeled and scare to play around again. Keep blogging and posting. Love to you


  2. I’m so glad you found my Blog !! When I first started I was terrified to make changes because of fear ” I would never retrieve ” something back . But now I’m doing more changes and getting familiar with it. Your doing a great job 🙂

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