Letter to the Courts

Tonight Scott shared with me the postcard we received in the mail.

Tomorrow I will mail the following letter:


December 19, 2018

Dear Lake Circuit and Superior Courts,

Thank you so much for your timing during this holiday season in reminding me of my son in your mailing of his official juror notification. I really enjoy receiving mail for my son Nolan who passed away more than two years ago in September 2016.

However it is a curious to me why you would think he could serve as a juror since you  know he is dead. The Lake County sheriff department responded to the 911 call that my son’s body was found. Your county staff of police and coroner’s office came to my house to tell me my son was dead.  His body also stayed in the morgue at the Lake County coroner’s office for over 24 hours.

I picked up his belongings from your Lake County campus. I also had the pleasure of signing for receipt of his death certificate from your coroner’s office.

The holidays are bad enough missing my dead son. I miss him every day. I don’t need incompetent county processes and computer lists to remind me he is gone. Whatever you need to do — cross his name off your list.



Dr. Lisa C. Gold, M.D, FAAP


2 thoughts on “Letter to the Courts

  1. Oh Lisa – how very, very sad! It certainly is hard enough missing Nolan without getting something like this. My heart goes out to you and your family! Thoughts and prayers for you always 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️


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